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In this corner we display impressive school activities on conservation of biodiversity and wild life. 
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Enrichment program carried by El Alsson British American International School continues in Giza Zoo. 
February 12, 2012, 
Material donated by students under supervision of Giza Zoo Management and Vets
Teacher: Julie Clarke, who arranged this school program together with Dina Zulfikar; animal protection advocate with students of El Alsson British American International School

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Translation into Arabic of: “Changes to publication requirements made at the XVIII International Botanical Congress in Melbourne – what does e-publication mean for you?”

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Port Said American School, Zamalek

Coordinator : Gihan S. Soliman
Time: World Water Day 
School Year;2010/2011
Scientific Consultant : Dr. Ahmed Abdel AzeemScientific  : Dr. Ahmed Abdel Azeem
Activity: Detecting Water Pollution in the River Nile
and call for declaring the Nile as a Natural Protectorate.and call for declaring the Nile as a Natural .

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School: Port Said Experimental School, Port Said
School Year : 2011/2012
Teacher : Mohamed AL Awadly 
Activity: Exploring Marine Biodiversity and other related activities.