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The quality of education in regards of relating science to the environment, conservation, preservation, real life and sustainable development in Egypt is defective[1],[2],[3]:

Science Across Egypt
 is an program started in 2009 as an initiative aiming at:

1) Curriculum Relevance: 

A- Lobbying for reforming science curricula at the National schooling system (National Curriculum) to related science to life and environment as the current methodology used in writing text books is inefficient.
B-  Curriculum design and mapping for the International schools to avoid the use of the "exported" textbooks without integration of local issues and concerns(life and environment)

2) Providing recognized training program for science teachers to develop the pedagogy and teaching methods of science through  inquiry.

3) Raising awareness on the environmental issues in Egypt by carrying out campaigns conducted by students, scienctists and civic community.
Egypt's Waters Warriors
Our Environment is Our Life
Nano Technology, What's next for Egypt?
Egypt: Another Nation at Risk 
Saving the Natural and Cultural Heritage of Egypt
Science  and Community Participation
التعليم والحفاظ على كنوز مصر الطبيعية و الحضارية

Biodiversity and Fungal Conservation

Fungal conservation Magazine

عالم مصري يرأس جلسة المؤتمر الختامية  لعلماء الفطريات الأوربيون  
 فريق علمي مصري لإنقاذ مركب الشمس الثانية من الفطريات 
 التنوع البيولوجي والحفاظ على الفطريات
فريق علمي مصري لإنقاذ مركب الشمس الثانية من الفطريات 
التنوع البيولوجي والحفاظ على الفطريات 
SAE - Qawmeya Language Schools -American Devision
“Biodiversity and Conservation of Fungi” in Damietta College of Science
SAE in the 16th Conference of European Mycologists, Greece 2011(Conference Abstract Book)
​Biodiversity and Fungal Conservation, Medical Fungi - Case Study: Suez Canal University
International Conference for Fungal Conservation(Suez Canal University- December 2012)

 6) Facilitating access to scientific information through uploading description on EOL pages, translation and media.

نداء : إلى علماء النبات والحيوان ، الحفاظ على الفطريات يحتاج اليكم 
​Rubigalia's Cybertruffle(Arabic  Editors: Dr. Ahmed Abdel Azeem& Gihan S. Soliman)
EOL Fellowship(Dr. Ahmed Abdel Azeem)
PhytoKeys :Translation into Arabic of: “Changes to publication requirements made at the XVIII International Botanical Congress in Melbourne – what does e-publication mean for you?”. 
​[Download The translated document]
7) Carrying out projects that relates integrating natural science and protection of environment in sustainable development  
Restoration of Marine Ecoystems through Education (ICEA Journal)-( Basic Partner: RSR)
St. Kathrine Development (Basic Partner: with St. Kathrine for Envrionemental and Social Services) 
Shadow and Egyptian Scientist Project.
Egypt's Got Talents: Innovative Science Teacher, Scientific Modelling and Scientific Illustration sections. 

العلوم عبر مصر ​
Science for Susainable Development & Citizenship
 تكامل العلوم + مشاركة مجتمعية = تنمية مستدامة 
Integrated Sciences + Community Participation = Sustainable Development
More of Our News and Articles in the Media (Samples)

On EarthSky 

Education and Conservation of Fungi 
(By Gihan S. Soliman & Dr. Ahmed Abdel Azeem

(Education and Conservation of Biodiversity)
التعليم والتنوع البولوجي في مصر 
التعليم والتنوع البيولوجي في مصر( شبكة رادار
(By Gihan S. Soliman & Dr. Ahmed Abdel Azeem)

Education in Egypt is Still Awaiting Revolution
التعليم في مصر مازال ينتظر الثورة 
By Gihan S. Soliman 

(To Botanists and Zoologist, Fungal Conservation needs you )

نداء إلى علماء النبات والحيوان 
By David Minter - Translated by Gihan S. Soliman and Scientifically Revised by Dr. Ahmed Abdel Azeem.

​ ICEA in UN database for NGOs

Affiliation and Partnerships

University Shield, 2012
Suez Canal University
Dr. Ahmed Abdel Azeem: Congratulations!

Basic Team:

Gihan Sami Soliman 
(Educational Consultant, Scientific Translator, Environemental Researcher, copyright owner of Initiative, ....)
Dr. Ahmed Abdel Azeem
(First Egyptian and African to win EOL fellowship 2011, Ahmad Askar Award Winner for Community Serviece 2010, Professor at Suez Canal University,...)
Fatma Mahmoud Salem (Master Student: Faculty of Science, Suez Canal University), 

Growing Team
Dr. Ahmed Abdel Azeem Scientific Team of Microbiology 
​(Science Undergraduates + postgraduates of science and environment ) [Link 1], [Link 2]
Shaymaa Mahmoud
Esraa Mahmoud
Eman Kamal
Science Across Egypt Live Stream
... How does he plan to raise education spending from less than 7% to a whopping 25%?" says Gihan Soliman, an educational consultant & master's researcher at the Institute of Environmental Studies & Research, Ain Shams University..

Egyptian Presidential Candidates Talk Science: Nature Middle East.